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- The Hyundai Sonata sedan has a blind zone of 21 feet. - The Toyota Sienna minivan's blind zone is 22 feet. - The Dodge Durango SUV's blind zone is 37 feet. - The Chevy Avalanche pickup truck's is a frightening 50 feet! A: At the end of a lease the price for which you can purchase the car is called the residual value. This amount is preset when you lease the vehicle. So the big question right now is, what's the car actually worth? About 5.5 million motor vehicle accidents occurred in 2009 in the U.S., involving 9.5 million vehicles. These accidents killed 33,808 people and injured more than 2.2 million others, 240,000 of whom had to be hospitalized. Witnesses said the man's car rolled backwards down the boat ramp at Gene Coulon Park and into the lake. A lifeguard who saw the accident jumped in and pulled the man out before the car went under. The man was taken to the hospital, but is said to be OK. The car was towed from the lake. Police are still looking into why the car rolled backwards. limited-slip differentialAccording to transport experts, Raos threat of violence was an attempt to show his influence, especially after Kurian convinced the transport authorities about appointing the committee. Indefinite auto strike likely from Jan.1 Chinese car companies have been showing up an international auto shows for years, hoping to prove that they should be able to market their products outside their home market. Most experts who have seen their products do not believe that their quality is good enough to compete in the U.S. and E.U. markets. Buying Volvo would take that barrier away.
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