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Tags 16GB | 3.0 | drive | Flash | memory | NewNow | USB
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Data storage such as a NewNow 16GB Flash Memory Drive is a thing that has always been considered by the computer users while working with valuable data. If you have worked on a computer, you definitely are familiar to the concern of securing the valuable data. Although there are several ways to get a secured backup of important data, but you may not be sure about the reliability.

Apart from the reliability, there are a few other points that must be considered while choosing an external storage. For the readers who are not aware of these points, here are the short descriptions of the points that will help you to choose a good external storage for your valuable data.

1. Brand

2. Usability

3. Data reading and writing speed

4. Price

In case you have taken care of the above listed points while purchasing the external storage, you can be sure of getting a good and secure external data storage for yourself.

One device that fulfils all the above listed criteria of being a reliable data storage device, and is being widely used around the world across different platform is NewNow USB 3.0 Flash Drive. Here are the distinctive features of the external flash drive which make it different from the other similar devices available in the market.

1. High data reading and writing speed

With a maximum data reading speed of 70 MBPS and writing speed of 18.0 MBPS, NewNow 16GB Flash Memory Drive is one of the fastest data storage devices currently available in the market. Although the reading and writing speed somehow depends on the OS and PC¡¯s speed, the device is comparatively much faster than the other devices of similar price range.

2. Reliable brand

NewNow is a popular brand among the computer users. The company is known for manufacturing rigid and stable devices that the user can rely on with their most important data and information. Getting a storage device from such a reputable manufacturer is truly a delight fort the users who are looking forward to buy a reliable device to store their data.

3. Compatible to various Operating systems

The device is cross-platform compatible; that means it can be used across all major operating systems including Linux and Mac. So you need not to worry whether your new storage device will work on your friend¡¯s MAC or your cousin¡¯s Linux. You can transfer the data without worrying about the compatibility.

4. Look good

Apart from all features, the NewNow device looks fairly handsome while carrying. Aluminium frame and artificial leather surface make it feel royal to hold in hands.

So, if you are looking forward to buy a new flash drive for yourself, then it is advised that you should once go through the specs and reviews of the NewNow 16 GB flash drive.

For more detail information,please go to http://www.newnow.com/
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Tags 16GB | 3.0 | drive | Flash | memory | NewNow | USB
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In this digital age, things have evolved. Among those things is data storage technology focusing on the most secure means on keeping data and also making efforts in improving data storage capacity of the devices involved. The most prolific of these devices is the flash drive whereby a small device can carry a lot of data.

Most people nowadays prefer using USB Flash Drives not only for their simplicity but also their portability and less maintenance costs.

However, some drives are betters than others and one of the most preferred type of flash drive is the NewNow USB 3.0 Flash Drive.

Why NewNow?

There are more than enough reasons as to why anyone looking for a drive who take the NewNow USB 3.0 Flash Drive.

Here are a number of very convincing facts about this type of drive and they are definitely the kind of qualities everybody wants to find in a flash drive:

-These drives are available in a range of favorable storage capacity like 16gb or even 32gb depending of the buyer's needs and preference.

-This type of USB flash drive offers a fairy high-speed data flow a most convenient way of backing up data or transferring it with its fast random and sequential read and write capability.

-NewNow USB 3.0 Flash Drive offers backward compatibility with those of earlier versions like 2.0 hence providing a very reliable functional capability.

-The drives are fairy priced in the market and the customers are sure to get the best out of their money. NewNow fully supports your budget. They are relatively cheap, hence affordable.

-The drive comes with a key chain and a protective cap. The key chain reduces the risk of loss while the cap protects the USB connector against any potential damage. This means the device and it's data is secured at all times, making it the drive of choice especially for storing personal, official, academic or any confidential data that needs protection.

-The device is compatible with all operating systems and with minimal system requirements. This serves to improve its usability.

-It can transfer large photos, videos and other files at a much faster rate than other drives on USB 2.0 computer port.

-This type of drive is a stylish one. It's easy on the eyes and exhibits a sense of class and importance just by the look.

NewNow 16GB Flash Memory Drive is a very reliable means of data storage, protection and transfer. However, it's wise to choose a type of drive that is generally considered smart, classy, secure and better in performance to keep your needs catered for. That drive is definitely a NewNow drive.

For more information about NewNow USB 3.0 Flash Drive,please go to http://www.newnow.com
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Tags 32GB | 3800mAh | bank | drive | Flash | memory | power
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Enhancing Your Smartphone Experience Using the NewNow 3800mAh Power Bank for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

It is quite frustrating when in the middle of the day your smartphone gives off that familiar beep indicating ¡®low battery¡¯. Then you might begin the rush to look for an electric outlet or a laptop to save you from sinking into the wilderness of no communication. We have all gone through such experiences and until the day the scientists come up with a battery that lasts for weeks on end or come up with gadgets that will run on oxygen like we do then I guess we will have to learn to cope.

The NewNow 3800mAh Power Bank for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is the next best thing in the market to keep your smartphone alive for a few more hours in the event that you are away from the convenience of electric outlets or you are simply too busy to charge your phone. It is both an external battery power bank as well as a protection case. It has a sleek design and comes in either black or white.

Its sleek design and the protection it offers in addition to the fact that it is very light and just looks like an extension of your phone makes it an excellent buy. Finally designers have put in mind what the normal guy really wants in such gadgets, a combination of aesthetic appeal and functional.

The advantage is that NewNow external battery can be used with other brands of gadgets not just the Samsung range. This is because its specifications are such that it is compatible with many other gadgets in the market and they include;

Input/output voltage of 5V.
Input/output current of 0.5A.
Polymer lithium battery with a 3800mAh capacity.
5 hour charging time.

But of course it is advisable to check if it¡¯s compatible with your gadget before making the purchase.

Depending on how we use our smartphones there comes a time when we would wish to increase the memory capacity of our gadgets. Using the 32GB Flash Memory Drive that can be installed in the form of a micro SD card will greatly enhance the memory capacity of your gadget. It is capable of storing a wide range of data such as music, games, movies, software and apps that may otherwise take up quite a huge amount of space in your gadget.

The NewNow 3800mAh Power Bank and the 32GB Flash Memory Drive are both fantastic add-ons to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 as well as other gadgets. They will enhance the experience you have with your smartphone since you will not be inhibited by either low battery beeps all the time or run out of memory space.

For more information,please go to http://www.newnow.com/
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Tags 16GB | 3.0 | drive | Flash | memory | NewNow | USB
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How to Increase the Lifespan of a NewNow 16GB Flash Memory Drive?

Many people often do not know how to increase the lifespan of a NewNow 16GB Flash Memory Drive. The following is a simple guide on how to increase the lifespan of this remarkable NewNow 16GB Flash Memory Drive.

First, you need to make sure that you read instructions carefully after buying it. The instructions should give you the simple maintenance practices that you should adopt if you want to increase its lifespan. With the instructions that you will get when buying, this should provide you with the basic tips that you need to adopt if you were to enhance the lifespan of your USB.

You must also make sure that you scan yourNewNow 16GB Flash Memory Drive whenever you detect the presence of a virus that may be deadly. You should never use it on the computer after realizing that it has a virus. Why say this? This may affect all the files not only in your USB but also in the computer and this may make it crash leading to the loss of data.

You also avoid using in your corrupted USB drive in the computers that you do not trust. You should remember that whenever a computer has viruses, it might affect the NewNow USB 3.0 Flash Drive thus reducing its lifespan. This means that you need to make sure that you only trust the devices that you have full trust with prior to making sure that you use them. In the end, it will save you the cost of buying a new one when it lasts longer.

It is important that you format your NewNow USB 3.0 Flash Drive after one month to remove the traces of the virus that may affect it when transferring data to other external devices. After formatting it, you need to run it over an anti-virus software to remove the virus that might affect your data once you store them.

For the people who do not have the information on how to improve the lifespan of NewNow USB 3.0 Flash Drive, should seek help from computer experts who will give them the tips and guidelines that they need when improving the lifespan of this amazing USB flash drive. However, they should make sure that the computer experts have the experience needed to enable then give credible information.

The above guidelines should assist you increase the lifespan of your NewNow USB 3.0 Flash Drive thus saving you on cost of buying a new one.

For more information about NewNow USB 3.0 Flash Drive,please go to http://www.newnow.com/
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Tags 3.0 | drive | Flash | NewNow | NewNow16GB | USB
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Each and everyday companies are working tirelessly to ensure they log a product in the market that will act as an alternative to an already existing product if not the first choice product. Well, that is competition and mind you it works to your own advantage by ensuring that you get a product that is of very high quality. The story is no different in the world of NewNow16GB Flash Memory Drive. Many market players have stationed themselves with this product and therefore it becomes quite a daunting task in purchasing the best quality brand that is in tandem with their needs.

Therefore how to come up with the best decision to buy the best flash memory drive forms the basis for this article. The following simple tips will help you arrive at that decision:

Do proper market research about the NewNow products. Ensure that you are fully aware about all the companies that are involved in the manufacturing of the Flash Memory Drives. Having prior information about them will help you to make a conclusive decision about which company to buy from

Secondly you need expert opinion when shopping for the NewNow USB 3.0 Flash Drive. Experts always have proper information about a product and they will help you arrive at a product that you will be proud of.

You should also consider the cost of product before embarking on the actual purchase. Some sellers will sell it for 10.99 pounds on eBay. However you can get it for cheaper prices on other avenues and therefore you need to do a thorough market analysis to come up with the best price for the product. Do not just settle for the amount it goes for but ensure that what you get is the best deal in order to save you a fortune.

The internet is also one of the avenues that you can procure a lot of information about the NewNow USB 3.0 Flash Drive. Awash with plenty of information you will be able to have conclusive knowledge about the best brand to settle for.

Finally the flash drive that you settle for should the following features: it should have the ability to transfer large content at a high speed. It should have a backward compatibility with USB 2.0. In addition it should have a high speed of content transfer.

With the above tips in mind, you are bound to make the right decision about the best product in the market.

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Tags 32GB | 3800mAh | bank | drive | Flash | memory | NewNow | power
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It should be said that most people nowadays use portable devices of different kinds. Smartphones, tablet computers and many other devices that make their days easier and their lives better. And it is not a secret that there has to be designed a high quality device which has a possibility to live long periods of time without charging.


And we have all been in a situation that the phone is dead and there is no charger with you. Then you get one from a co-worker of yours. But there is a solution to this unfortunate circle of events.


External battery power bank allows you to charge your device easily with no fuss. NewNow 3800mAh Power Bank for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is one of these amazing solutions. There is a cable with the device and it has an USB port so you can charge all the devices, such as e-book readers and table computers two at a time. Even though there is only one cable, just put yours in a bag and take with you. That will also prove useful.

Your device can charge on your desk at work and there is no need to try and find a charger somewhere when you are out and suddenly your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 says it is out of battery power. We have been in a situation like this when you definitely need the device and it shuts down. The cold panic that sometimes sets in can be avoided of you have a NewNow external battery power bank which can charge the device and let you have a coffee in peace. Just connect the device to a laptop or your PC and charge your phone and your Kindle at the same time. You can order the device from Amazon which offers different devices from different companies. They come with warranty and Amazon will be able to help if there are any problems with the device. This might be a good investment that will work for years.


And it does not matter if you change a device because most of these work with all kinds of devices. Since most of them have similar chargers and the USB is already supported by all companies creating smartphones, table computers other smart devices for daily use. Yes, people are extremely used to having a 32GB Flash Memory Drive as a natural and normal thing and this simply means that now their lives will be even easier. That is why people design new technology.

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Tags 16GB | 3.0 | drive | Flash | memory | NewNow | USB
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Currently in the market, there are several NewNow 16GB Flash Memory Drive. This has made the purchase of the top-notch quality Memory Drive a problem. However, below are some of the tips you will require during your purchase.

However, before we get into the things to consider, let us have a look at some of its features so that you can appreciate this technology. The features are:

A large 16GB capacity
A compact and stylish design
Compatibility with USB 1.1/2.0
High transfer speed of 3.0
Transfers and stores music, images, games documents and many more.

Now that we have an idea of what the NewNow USB 3.0 Flash Drive can do, let us look at some of the tips that will help to get the best of its kind in the market.

Know the companies.

The first thing that I do before I purchase any product is know the many companies that offer the product. I do this by having a look at the customer reviews of these companies. This helps to decide whether to purchase from them or to steer clear from them. This move has enabled many to make the right decision as well as an informed one.

Get expert advice.

It is not a shame to acknowledge that you have no knowledge of a particular product. In fact, this is normally the first step to gaining any knowledge. Getting expert advice on this NewNow product will help you make one of the most informed decisions in life, as the expert is likely to give you comparisons to other 16 GB flash drives.


Being a buyer, the most basic of things that you ought to think of is the price of this flash drive in the market. Different companies offer the product at different prices. If you are like me, then I am sure that you get a satisfaction after buying a product and knowing that it was a great deal at the time. To research on the prices you could go online. You will save money in the process too.

Personal Research

Despite the fact that you will seek expert advice, it is also wise to do your own personal research on this NewNow product. You may not necessarily get to compare it with other products of its kind but you will get to have tips on the things that you require to know before its purchase.

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The external battery power bank from NewNow works as a protection case as well as extended battery set and comes in a sleek ultra-thin design in black and white colors. It is an ideal and convenient accessory for travel and hours spent away from the office, house or when camping out or other outdoor activities that may take a considerable length of time. It also extends the life of your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 battery as it keeps it away from the wall socket which has been known to affect the time a battery keeps its power over time. All you have to do is charge the external battery power bank case for about 7 hours to fill it to maximum capacity then fix it on your phone like a regular case. When you want to charge your phone you simply press the power button on the case and your phone can fill up in the safety of your pocket or rather its case.

Description of the Power Bank

The NewNow 3800mAh Power Bank for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 cum protective flip case has a number of features that make it an excellent buy including

Perfect dimensions presented in an ultra-thin design
360o powerful protection
Lightweight and convenience of carrying
Stand support and clip cover
The specifications on it include:

An input and output voltage of 5V
An input and output current of 0.5 amp
4 LED indicators designed for power balance
A polymer lithium battery with a 3800mAh capacity
An approximate charging time of 5 hours

Vanity Details

It has an aesthetic appeal along with its functionality in that it is

Fashionable in sleek white and black
Has a kickstand for ease of reading or watching
Has a fingerprint resist and easy access for all ports
Superior quality and high strength

Increasing Memory

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 comes with two storage options, 32 and 64 GB internal memory which can be expanded to yet another 64 GB in external storage using micro SD cards. These memory cards use flash memory for general storage as well as transfer of data between phones and offers fast access times for reading of data on the mobile phone. Installing a 32 GB flash memory drive in the form of the micro SD card will allow you to store music, games and movies in your phone as well as software and apps that may take up a significant amount of space. The NewNow 3800mAh power bank and the 32 GB flash memory drive are both handy accessories for maximum convenience and for enhancing the capabilities of the Samsung galaxy note 3 which is already a great phone by its own.

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NewNow USB 3.0 Flash Drive offers a cutting-edge versatile capacity engineering that is functional to all its clients. The glimmer drive has numerous profits and is around ten times superior to the past USB 2.0 which was a bit slower. The NewNow is quick and that is the thing that makes it emerge from the past blaze drive. They are likewise perfect with the ports and gadgets that are utilized by the 2.0 gadget, however when you utilize them with those ports you won't get the speediest speeds that you would ordinarily get when you utilize the obliged ports. The glimmer drive furnishes you with a chance with putting away a great deal of information that you require. It has enough space and you don't need to stress over it stopping up in light of the fact that it can't. It is to a great degree quick and moves expansive information in a matter of seconds. Thus, it is ideal for taking care of substantial documents like features and any computerized photos.

The NewNow 16GB Flash Memory Drive is an alternate gadget that offers you the chance to store information regardless of the size. The drive is particularly solid in light of the fact that you can spare even the biggest documents like films and a few motion pictures at that. The gadget is compact and could be conveyed wherever you go. The gadget is the most recent convenient gadget that could be utilized as a part of a few ways and proves to be useful in light of the fact that you can store key data which you should not have somewhere else. The gadget could be conveyed and at whatever point you have to process certain data you simply prepare the gadget and unite it to any PC and exchange data. On the other hand, you can give the glimmer memory to somebody and they send the data to their messages.

The NewNow USB 3.0 Flash Drive is vital in the everyday exercises and they are favored as a result of their high execution and dependable association. It is completely terrible to have gadgets that cause disturbances or that continue stopping when exchanging in light of the fact that they will make it workable for you to lose data. Getting the right gadget is really critical on the grounds that with the steadily expanding universe of engineering you will oblige gadgets that are quick and truly dependable. You ought not to be abandoned as innovation developments on the grounds that you will discover it of significance to be digitally progressive. The capacity gadgets are truly critical to have and you won't lament having them.

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With many NewNow 16GB Flash Memory Drive in the market, the process of buying the best has always been the main problem that people often have as they make this important decision. The following are some of the tips that you need whenever you are buying NewNow16GB Flash Memory Drive from the market.

First, you need to know the companies that often sell these NewNow16GB Flash Memory Drive in the market. How do you do this? You need to look at the reviews of the companies that sell these Flash Memory Drive and through the reviews of the customers, you can always tell whether you can buy from them or not. This has enabled many people in the past to make an informed choice when compared to many other 16GB Flash Memory Drive sold in the market.

You also need to look for the advice of experts if you do lack the tips that you can use when buying NewNow USB 3.0 Flash Drive from the market. You should always think that the above is one of the ways that you need to use whenever you are buying the best products in the market. This will always enable you to make an informed choice when buying the product from the shopping outlets in the market.

As a buyer, you need to think about the cost of the NewNow USB 3.0 Flash Drive in the market when buying. You need to know that the above is one of the ways that you can use whenever you are buying these USB 3.0 Flash Drive from the market. How do you research about the price? You must always carry out your market analysis and this will always enable you make the best choice whenever you are looking for options in the market. This will ultimately help you make huge savings that you could otherwise spend whenever you are making your purchase in the market.

You must also do your personal research on the internet about NewNow USB 3.0 Flash Drive in the market before making that choice of buying from the market. The use of personal research is definitely one of the ways that you can use whenever you are buying from the market. This will also enable you get all the tips that you need to know as you buy this product. In conclusion, the tips will always enable you make the best choice as you buy the best USB 3.0 Flash Drive in the market.

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