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Comments 0 comments is best known for providing mobile power solutions including power banks and battery cases in most countries like Europe, Australia, Asia, America and Middle East. The company started its operations in China with a goal to provide high-end quality power solutions to global customers. Its new product line Bamboo Power Banks has become quite popular among people around the world. The range is designed to deliver latest technology with better performance, meeting worldwide standard at affordable cost.

Why You Need Power Banks?

If you¡¯re someone who doesn't get time to charge your devices or have to spend most of your time on the road, then power bank systems can help you keep your devices charged up all the time. With handy and compact power banks you need not have to worry about finding chargers or even charging point everywhere you go. The latest products from NewNow - NewNow Bamboo I 2600mAh External Battery and NewNow Bamboo II 5200mAh Power Bank are designed to power or recharge batteries of variety of portable electronic devices such as cellular phones, game consoles, MP3/MP4 players, digital cameras, Bluetooth headsets on the go. You can charge your electronics anytime and anywhere with these ultimate and stylish power banks. In this article, we¡¯ll discuss the features and specifications of NewNow Bamboo I 2600mAh External Battery to help you get know more knowledge about the product.


As the name suggests, this product is a high-capacity portable power bank equipped with Li-ion-cell, with a capacity of up to 2600mAh. You can use it as a charger, as well as a backup battery. With the help of USB output you can charge mobile phones, video games, iPod, MP3, PMP, PDA, MP4, MP5, and many other device that support USB output. The method to charge through this NewNow Bamboo I 2600mAh External Battery is extremely simple. All you need to do is connect your device with portable power bank and let it charge. It is easy to use and solve number of power problems for your devices anytime.


Light-weight, stylish and slim design.
Huge capacity - 2600mAh.
Easy to fit into any carry bag.
Charge your mobile and other devices anytime and anywhere.
Three LED indicators to show the energy state of external battery.
Built-in Li-ion battery.
USB output port to charge other devices.
Equipped with LED flashlight.
Compatible with various electronics devices, such as MP3, MP4, PSP, iPod, iPhone and etc.
Convenient and easy to use.
Great for emergencies, power outages, business trip and more

Technical Specifications of NewNow Bamboo I 2600mAh External Battery

Output: DV5.0V-1000mA.
Input: DC 5V-1000mA.
Product Dimension: 92X35X23 mm

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OBD or on-board diagnostic tool is basically a computer based system which was built in all the 1996 cars, trucks, and light duty vehicles. Essentially, the OBD2 tools systems are patterned to supervise the overall performance of the major components of an engine, particularly the ones responsible for controlling emissions. OBD plays a vital role where the inspection as well as maintenance programs of the vehicles are required. In addition, it is considered to be an excellent tool for assisting the repair and service of different vehicles with the help of providing a quick, effective, and simple way to point out the problems. Furthermore, it helps as a warning system which alerts to the potential need for the repair of the vehicle through the ''check engine'' light visible on the dashboard of the vehicle.

The OBD interface WiFi is actually used to provide a connection between the vehicles of the latest models and an iPhone TM, apple TM, or iPod touch TM. The interface of open tunings is very helpful in providing a high quality data display, analysis from any vehicle, logging, and other standard tuning components. Now-a-days, the car computers are being connected to a large number of sophisticated sensors. The majority of the OBD tools are advertised as working with almost all the car models since 1996. Advanced OBD tools are now considered to be an essential part of the vehicle's engine, and due to this they usually rely on modern mechanics and workshops of vehicle repairs for an accurate diagnosis of several vehicle performance issues.

A lot of information can be achieved from the vehicle with the application of an OBD interface WiFi iPhone. This is regarded as a great diagnostic tool and engine performance for the automotive professionals as well as enthusiasts. It permits to connect wirelessly to the onboard computer of the car from any of the WiFi enabled device having a compatible application or software. In addition, the WiFi connectivity makes it quite compatible with the iPod, iPhone, iPod touch, PC, and OBDII vehicles. There are many features of this application such as a hassle free setup, clear engine codes as well as check engine lights, support for the sleep mode of low power along with a communication of high speed.

An iPod Touch OBD2 interface is very helpful for the data that is collected from the engine to be supervised by remotely using advanced wireless devices. With the help of this application, any technician can easily diagnose the car without breaking apart the engine. The data can be read simply and come up with a diagnosis. The iPod touch OBD2 interface is the application which actually through the transmission of a series of codes. Normally, this kind of interface enables to monitor the speed of the vehicle, the engines round in one minute, over speeding, the level of fuel, and other such information which is mostly available on the dashboard of the car. The majority of the fleet managing company trusts on these kinds of systems to keep a track of their vehicle's health particularly that are out in the field.

We manufacture and directly export from our factory and pass on the saving to our clients. We boast brand new Automotive tool.We own more than 400 various models or obd in stock and offer the perfect service to our overseas customers. You can place orders directly at our website: Thank you!
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ATP stablo i binarno stablo
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1. zadatak iz kolegija Strukture podataka
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Izradene datoteke zaglavlja lista_polje.h(implementacija liste pomoću polja) te lista_pokazivac.h(implementacija liste pomoću pokazivaca) te glavni program
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this is my code snippet,I need to retrieve the Selected text of CheckBoxList which bound with table