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Today, the domestic industry, the slip ring field , grain production slip ring Pei quality and life are in the leading position, but Division I is an extremely innovative and pioneering spirit of the High-Tech Enterprise , never satisfied with the existing state and stop forward . Here, in order to further improve and enhance the life of the slip ring and use its best efforts to reach the world level, our R & D center has experienced continuous exploration and specializes in up to a year , and finally the successful completion of a comprehensive in March 25, 2012 the slip ring major process improvement projects, namely the core critical Tonghuan finish processing and control of new technology . Our quality department through repeated testing and validation , use and improve the life of the brass ring slip ring reached a higher level, almost 2-3 times more than the same product in the same industry life ( Figure ) . This significant improvement not only further consolidate the strong position of China as a crystal Peiindustrial slip rings leader , it is marked Pei Jing slip ring towards the ranks of the world level .

Industry Tonghuan finish

Jing Pei Tonghuan finish

" Excellence, innovation ; full participation, customer satisfaction" is crystal Pei has been struggling with the forward momentum . The brass ring finish to further improve our commitment to provide customers with one of the most powerful witness quality slip rings . We are constantly improving the production process and management model , to become the most trusted and most reliable slip ring supplier. Pei Jing customers choose , they choose a high -quality conductive slip ring , choose a cost-effective service , while also choose the most effective quality assurance.
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With the extensive application of mechanical equipment and automation equipment technology upgrades and enhancements , more and more used machinery and equipment slip ring , slip ring can help because of the use of mechanical equipment to improve transmission performance of the wires , so that machinery and equipment operation efficiency is greatly improved , so many sectors of machinery are used to improve the mechanical slip ring operational efficiency , but each mechanical requirements for slip ring is somewhat different , because each mechanical work environment, current and voltage different , a different level of protection , rotation speed, etc. , which also contributed to the various models, types of conductive slip ring appears. Such as large current slip rings often used in communications equipment and instruments, to avoid the system is running, transmission cables are not damaged by twisting . Through the use of slip ring to ensure the smooth flow of electrical connection . So we designed the high current slip ring points , what is it ?

Since the transmission is a high-current devices , the primary consideration is the contact material and brush contacts , installation, to ensure that a large current slip ring contacts in working condition and reliable service life. Followed by the installation of slip ring performance can ensure proper installation. Since the conductive slip ring needs in seawater environments , the shell must be corrosion-resistant stainless steel material . The main components of the conductive slip ring and a brush ring body is a key component of the conductive slip ring member , the surface of a thick gold plated electrical contact material , the main brush and the linear spring leaf spring brushes brush , and the metal graphite brush blocks. Which generates high current density and minimal wear , but a larger resistance . The leaf spring is more adapted to the high speed brush environment. Linear filament with excellent flexibility and electrical properties. Based on the above characteristics of a variety of brushes , finally adopted by a number of brushes may be used as a final brush bundles . The insulator can be used as an insulating material PBT , PBT has excellent dielectric properties , chemical resistance , fatigue resistance and lubricating properties. In the mechanical structure, the need to consider the slip ring features a large current , you need to take fully into account in the design of electrical insulation, and installation , maintenance, performance and other aspects .

A high-current slip ring product advantages :

1 , the top choice of imports of graphite alloy ;

2, the current can be up to several hundred amperes ;

3 , is compatible with the data bus protocol ;

4 , long life, maintenance-free, no lubrication ;

5,360 < continuous rotation transmission power or data signals ;

6 , compact .

Second, high-current slip ring options :

1, the number of channels ;

2, the signal and power transmission may be used alone or in combination ;

3, the current and voltage ;

4, the wire length ;

5, the connection terminals ;

6 , protection class ;

7 , outlet direction .

Third, the large current slip rings Typical applications:

1 , industrial machinery - machining centers, rotary table , lifting equipment towers, spinning reel , testing equipment, packaging machinery, etc. ;

2 , magnetic actuators, process control equipment , rotary sensors, emergency lighting , robotics , radar , etc. ;

3 manufacturing and control equipment.
slip rings with high current contacts and connections unique way . Electrical contact performance, long service life , flexible structure , overall performance can reach the level of similar foreign products . Jing Pei slip ring can be customized according to customer requirements of different shaft sizes, different specifications, the current size , the number of lanes , speed, level of protection of different parameters such as slip rings . Widely used in security , automation, electrical, instrumentation, chemical , metallurgy, medical, aerospace , military , marine, transportation and electrical equipment.

Jing Pei Electronics long as the military, aviation, marine, wind power generation, automation equipment, various institutes and colleges provide a variety of high-precision electrical slip rings industrial and technical support, sophisticated solutions and reliable quality, get the line height recognized as its variety of high demand, high -precision electrical slip rings industrial preferred partners ; Meanwhile , the products are exported to foreign countries, products are exported to Europe , America, Japan and other developed countries , and with many well-known international brands to establish long-term friendly partnership. The company has perfect sales network, the establishment of a number of offices in the country , and has long famous for many manufacturers , military units , research institutes and universities to provide products and comprehensive technical services.
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The through bore slip rings is specially designed for through bore hydraulic or pneumatic
rotating shaft installation, different configures of circuits and Amps meet your demand totally Option: Gold plated rings; Flange is optional; Advanced multi-contacting ensures reliable operation with low friction.

A slip ring can be used in any electromechanical system that requires unrestrained, continuous rotation while transferring power or data from a stationary to a rotating structure. A slip ring is also called a rotary
electrical interface, collector, swivel or a commutation. A slip ring can improve system performance by simplifying operations and eliminating damage-prone wires dangling from movable joints. The 190mm unobstructed through-bore provides routing space for hydraulics, pneumatics or for a concentric shaft mount. The LPT190 uses our fiber brush technology which offers several advantages over conventional slip ring contacts including multiple points of contact per brush bundle, low contact force per fiber and low contact wear rates. In addition, fiber brushes do not require lubrication and produce virtually no wear debris. The LPT190 features field serviceable brush blocks.

# 190 mm through-bore
# Modular design - a single module can have: one 50 amps ring; two 30 amps rings; one, two or three 10 amps rings or six 5 amps signals
# Up to 20-50 amps circuits
# Speeds up to 500 rpm continuous
# Steel bearings and machined shaft and housing for harsh environments
# Collar mounting is standard; flange mounting is optional
# Various lead exits are available
# Silver plated rings are standard. Gold plated optional.
# Continuous 360o rotation of power or data signals
# Sealed unit

# Transfers control and data signals
# Fiber brush technology provides maintenance-free operation (no
lubrication required)
# Modular design meets special requirements through off-the-shelf
manufacturing techniques
# Customized configurations for your application

About us

JINPAT Electronics is a leading manufacturer inindustrial slip rings. We commit ourselves to the development, designing and manufacturing of different types of high quality slip rings for a vast variety of applications. We provide standard products as well as customized products according to your needs. We have also collaborated with Consortium of Industry including Military Industry and Universities in China.
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Industrial trade shows - Browse the Latest Online database on industrial supplies trade shows,industrial supplies trade fairs,industrial exhibitions,industrial trade fairs,Industrial fairs in India and across the globe.Visit here for more information on trade shows,exhibitions venue and events profile..