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Date Submitted Sat. Jan. 18th, 2014 11:35 AM
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Helper alice
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Why case lenovo L09L8D21 Laptop big sound
This is CPU fan of problem. open chassis, put small fan back of sticker uncovering down, showed small fan of axis, points lenovo L09S8D21 Laptop Battery Shang two drops sewing machine of oil, not with other oil, again seal good, insurance you ten days half months fine, has time also is for a, not your of, 20 on can for a, 50 on can for a quite good of, I spent 20 for has a, I recommends you also without for your of, I yiqian for of your of also didn't over half, so said are almost of quality. No need to spend time and money.
Food not oil up to a month and then it will be more like that stick
You to do of is took a put small brush then put CPU fan and CPU thermal tablets split down first with brush put ash lane off (best in outdoor, because hard cleanup),lenovo ThinkPad X220T Laptop Batterythen note fan Shang has a round of trademark posted paper, opened half, on will see a small hole, with swabs stained lubricant or oil drops to inside, put trademark posted Shang. again loaded back in site, OK.
Other parts of the fan above.
From new Laptop Battery Rplacement, http://www.newbattery.us
Date Submitted Sun. Jan. 19th, 2014 4:12 PM
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Helper alice
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To use the ,lenovo L09N8Y22 Laptop Windows 7 operating system became one of the great joys of many computer users, compared to Vista systems, ,lenovo L09N8Y22 Laptop Windows 7 system is really good, fast and easy, but do you worry about your ,lenovo L09N8Y22 Laptop Windows 7 system is like a new install just like any other Windows system is only just starting to run fast, along with the increase in time it will lead to efficiency increasing low? Want to keep your ,lenovo L09N8Y22 Laptop Windows 7 system running speed is not difficult, the following will introduce ten effective methods to help you keep your ,lenovo L09N8Y22 Laptop Windows 7 high speed.
1. make your ,lenovo L09N8Y22 Laptop battery Windows 7 system boot speed
Users who are using ,lenovo L09N8Y22 Laptop Windows 7 operating system may already have obvious feelings, ,lenovo L09N8Y22 Laptop Windows 7 boot speed is much faster than Vista, but what do you want to make it go faster? Come on, do as I say. Microsoft ,lenovo L09N8Y22 Laptop Windows 7 just a processor is used to boot the system by default, but now many users would have to use multi-core processors on the computer, then do not waste, lenovo ThinkPad Edge 14" 05787VJ Laptop Battery increase the amount used to boot the kernel immediately to reduce the boot time. Very simple, simply modify a little bit of system settings.
First, open the ,lenovo L09N8Y22 Laptop Windows 7 start menu in the search for box, type “msconfig” command opens the system configuration window found “boot” options (English System Boot).
,lenovo L09N8Y22 Laptop Windows 7 has a strong and convenient search bar, remember that some frequently used commands allows you to operate more quickly.

Click on “advanced options”, you can see we will modify the settings at this time.

While larger memory, sure to restart the computer after entry into force, and look at system startup time is faster. If you want to know exactly the time saved, you can record detailed comparison of boot time that is spent in doing before.

2. make your ,lenovo L09N8Y22 Laptop Windows 7 system shutdown speed
Taught above all accelerate the power of ,lenovo L09N8Y22 Laptop Windows 7 systems, spontaneous shutdown can be accelerated. While the shutdown of ,lenovo L09N8Y22 Laptop Windows 7 is faster than Windows XP and Vista systems was faster, but slightly modify the registry, you’ll discover opportunities faster.
Is also under ,lenovo L09N8Y22 Laptop Windows 7 start menu search box, type “regedit” to open the registry editor,
Next to find an open HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Control, you can find is that there is a “WaitToKillServiceTimeOut”, right mouse button click you can see ,lenovo L09N8Y22 Laptop Windows 7 modified the default value is 12,000 (on behalf of 12 seconds), can lower this value changes, such as 5 seconds, or 7 seconds.

Click OK to restart the computer after Setup is complete, shutdown you can surprise again found time shorter.

3. remove excess in the system font
You might not know that many default Windows system fonts takes up a lot of system resources, for users of ,lenovo L09N8Y22 Laptop Windows 7 performance requirements, don’t hesitate, remove extra fonts of useless, leaving only their common, which reduces system load and improve performance will help.
Open the ,lenovo L09N8Y22 Laptop Windows 7 Control Panel, find the font folder, if your control panel is open the window
At this point you need to do is enter the folder fonts also don’t know who never themselves were all deleted, delete the font, the more you can get more free system resources. Of course if you are worried about these fonts may be used when it is not too hard to find, that may or may not delete, but don’t have the fonts saved in another folder to another disk.

visit more infor from: lenovo battery replacement

4. the window switching speed
,lenovo L09N8Y22 Laptop Windows 7 of beautiful sexual let many user are greatly appreciates, but beautiful but to paid performance as cost of, if you is one beauty people so this a enrollment may does not was you selection, because I to to you introduced of this a enrollment is to close ,lenovo L09N8Y22 Laptop Windows 7 system in the window maximize and minimum of Shi of effects, once close has this effects, window switch is fast has, but you on will lost visual Shang of enjoy, so modified or not you themselves decided.
Turn off this effect is very simple, right mouse button click on the start menu of the computer, open the Properties window, click on the “performance information and tools”,
Open in new window “adjust Visual effects”, at this point you can see the Visual effects to resize the window.

,lenovo L09N8Y22 Laptop Windows 7, the default is to display all of the Visual effects, you can also customize some effect is to boost system speed.
The last item in the list window to animate Windows when minimizing and maximizing Visual effects to remove perfectly fine, do it now!

5. turn off the system search index service
This method is ideal for users who have good document management practices, because they know very well that every need where the files are stored, and can be quickly found when needed, so ,lenovo L09N8Y22 Laptop Windows 7 is superfluous for this service for you, turn off the service to save system resources may be of great help.
The search bar in the start menu, type “services” immediately open the program, found in the local service “Windows Search”, then right click and select stop this service it’s OK!
For absent-minded users all day long, if it is,lenovo ThinkPad Edge 14″ 05787VJ Laptop Battery, this optimization or just skip it, because ,lenovo L09N8Y22 Laptop Windows 7 improves the efficiency of the search index can save a significant amount of time when searching for files, you’ll never make it to the location of the file is going to be up when it is fast.
6. turn off system sounds
Think about it, you are prompted do you really need? I think for the majority of business owners like a little addendum, anyway can’t let machines just quiet at work affects others, might as well have completely closed system beep to let off a little more system resources. Remains found in the Control Panel, go to “sound” option is turned on, and then remove ,lenovo L09N8Y22 Laptop Windows 7 system default sound control tab check “play Windows startup sound”.
PS: turn off System beep sound does not affect the computer to play multimedia files, no need to worry.

7. optimization toolbar
,lenovo L09N8Y22 Laptop Windows 7 toolbar preview feature is a very cool feature, so a lot of users put it down, but for some users with low machine configurations, and it’s not too easy to use, my machine configuration is not sophisticated feeling. Close the toolbar preview function is always a little reluctant, say it is also symbol of ,lenovo L09N8Y22 Laptop Windows 7,lenovo L09N8Y22 Laptop Battery, but you want to use the preview always need to wait for a long time, is really troubling. If your machine is really not that smooth, then we can try to preview the window was reduced,lenovo 121000917 Laptop Battery, in order to speed up the preview speed.
In Windows search bar in the start menu, type “regedit” to open the registry editor, and then carefully locate the HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Explorer/Advanced folder, right click on the folder, select “create new DWORD value” and named it ” ThumbnailLivePreviewHoverTime”
Shortly thereafter to modify this value to a decimal value, because the unit time is in milliseconds, so you can feel free to fill out a three-digit value, such as 200,300 … under normal circumstances can be modified according to individual usage at any time.
Date Submitted Mon. Mar. 3rd, 2014 3:36 AM
Revision 1
Helper alice
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In order for the computer to normal quickly, first to maintain good computer's CPU. Because the CPU as a central hub for computer, it starts from computer ASUS A4Ka Laptop Battery to shut down are kept functioning,below explain the CPU under maintenance methods.

A: to ensure good cooling capabilities
CPU's work, accompanied by heat generation, and long time, heat the greater. So computers have good cooling capabilities. General CPU operating temperature for 35~65du, which varies depending on the CPU and clock speed. If computer heat, it is necessary to guarantee the quality good enough cooling fan, preferably with speed capabilities, so that you can monitor the fan works. In addition, the heat sink the bottom of thick, which is conducive to thermal energy storage, thus easy to active cooling fan. ASUS A42 Laptop Battery Finally, to protect the chassis air circulation inside and outside smoother.
II: relief and shock absorbers
CPU damage to cooling fan clip pressure tragedy so common, mainly in the CPU Die (the kernel) was crushed. Note When installing the heat sink fan should be uniform, fasteners and the pressure to moderate, which can be adjusted according to the actual need to carefully clip. Now the fan rotation speed up to 6000 rpm, then there is a resonance problem, done on a regular CPU Die had been scuffed, CPU and CPU socket connection is bad, way to do that is to choose the regular factory produces a cooling fan, speed appropriate fasteners to install correctly.

Three: to rein in overclocking
Some blind pursuit of high speed, CPU overclocking techniques, but now mainstream CPU frequency 2GHz, overclocking also doesn't make much sense at this time, you should ASUS 70-N9X1B1000 Laptop Battery consider CPU life. If there is need to overclock, consider decreasing Asus Laptop Batteryvoltage and overclocking.
Date Submitted Mon. Mar. 3rd, 2014 3:42 AM
Revision 1
Helper alice
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"Bad" really inevitable? As competition intensifies and technological levels are increased, LCD manufacturers to improve material standards, strengthening the production and inspection of internal quality control, greatly reduced the frequency of its. Check the pixel method is quite simple, just increase the LCD ASUS A42JB Laptop Battery Brightness and contrast to maximum (shown reversed picture) or tune into the smallest (shows black screen), you will probably find, there are lot of bright or dark dots on the screen. Liquid crystal display manufacturer's explanation for this was just bad in General does not exceed the quantity and distribution of certain criteria, appear one or more pixel LCD monitor is normal, and is consistent with industry standards.

Special attention here is to distinguish between "highlights" and "bad" with no highlights, does not mean that there are no bad points! Many manufacturers will take ASUS B53F Laptop Battery some significant panels of bright and dark points of recycling is not noticeable gray dots, of course, that pixel is dead, just don't seem obvious.

Bad concrete steps

First of all, in the desktop space click on the right mouse button, select "personalize" option
Choose a desktop background

Next select "desktop backgrounds", in the "picture position" select "solid color". To black can be detected bright spot, white can check out pixel

Check screen pixel is the ASUS K42JR Laptop Battery most simple, users purchasing a screen with the detection screen has no bad points.

Correctly using a laptop to avoid screen pixel
Date Submitted Mon. Mar. 3rd, 2014 3:49 AM
Revision 1
Helper alice
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Sticky Keys
From "Control Panel" in the found "auxiliary option", open as figure by shows window, selected "using stick delay key" can, this a features makes we can on three a main control key Ctrl key, and Alt key and Shift key for stick delay set, that is Dang selected stick lag, percussion about Ctrl key system will think is on Ctrl key press no release, Ctrl key on like was "stick" in keyboard bottom has. In some sticky keys set in operation is very useful.
Toggle keys
In the diagram window, select the "turn on toggle keys" option, then we turn on or off the Caps Lock key, Scroll Lock, or Num Lock key is, the system automatically prompts high or low voice, respectively, that would save us the trouble of looking down at the keyboard.

Using the keyboard to simulate a mouse
We can use the keys on the numeric keypad to move the mouse pointer to click, double-click, or drag operations. From "Control Panel" in the open "accessibility options", select the "mouse" tab, select "use the mouse keys" check box, and then SONY VAIO VGNZ890F Laptop Battery enter the "settings" dialog box, it is recommended that select "maximum speed", and bring value to the maximum, "acceleration" values are also adjusted to the maximum, and finally select "OK". At this point, a small mouse icon appears in the system tray area, indicating SONY VAIO VGN-Z790JAB Laptop Battery that MouseKeys settings successfully. After that, you can use numbers 2, 4, 6, 8lai on the keyboard control direction, 5 per cent (click), + (double click),-(right click) to operate. Interested friends can give it a try, very interesting.

Soft keyboard
Pull left key in any Chinese input method input method status bar, click the rightmost icon to open or close the soft keyboard soft keyboard, right-click to bring up the soft keyboard to choose the menu, users can choose the soft keyboard to suit your needs. Learn how to use the soft keyboard for text entry input special symbols can be very convenient. Transfer from entry to the master SONY VAIO VGN-Z791Y/B Laptop Battery computer network

General keyboard shortcuts
Ctrl + c to copy.
Ctrl + x cut.
Ctrl + v paste.
Ctrl + z undo.
DELETE delete.
Shift + Delete to permanently delete the selected item, do not put it in the "Recycle Bin".
Press CTRL as you drag a copy option.
Press CTRL + SHIFT while dragging an item to create shortcuts for the selected project.
F2 to rename the selected item.
CTRL + right arrow moves the insertion point moves to the beginning of the next word.
CTRL + left arrow moves the insertion point to the beginning of the previous word.
CTRL + down arrow Sony VGN-P610/W Laptop Battery key to move the insertion point to the beginning of the next paragraph.
CTRL + up arrow key to move the insertion point to the beginning of the previous paragraph.
CTRL + SHIFT + any arrow key to highlight a block of text.
SHIFT + any arrow key in a window or on the desktop, select multiple items, or select text within a document.
Ctrl + a to select all the content.
F3 to search for files or folders.
Alt + Enter view the properties for the selected item.
Alt + F4 to close the active item, or quit the active program.
ALT + Enter display the selected object's properties.
Alt + SPACEBAR to open the shortcut menu for the current window.
Ctrl + F4 allows to open multiple documents in the program closes the current document.
Alt + Tab to switch between open items.
Alt + Esc opens in project cycle in the order.
The F6 cycle through the screen elements in the window or on the desktop.
F4 to display "my computer" and "Windows Explorer" in the "address" bar list.
Shift + F10 to display the shortcut menu for the selected.
Alt + SPACEBAR displays the active window "system" menu.
Ctrl + Esc display the "start" menu.
ALT + underlined letter in a menu name displays the appropriate menu.
In the menu that Sony VGN-P31ZRK/R Laptop Battery opens the letter underlined in the command name that is displayed perform the corresponding command.
F10 to activate the menu bar in the current program.
The right arrow key to open the next menu to the right, or open a submenu.
Left arrow key to open the next menu to the left, or close a submenu.

F5 refreshes the current window.
BackSpace in "my computer" or "Windows Explorer" view a layer folder.
Esc to cancel the current task.
Press the SHIFT key when you insert the CD into the CD-ROM drive to stop disc play automatically.

Dialog box shortcuts
Ctrl + Tab to move forward between tabs.
Move backward between tabs Ctrl + Shift +Tab.
Tab in the options moving forward.
Shift + Tab to move backward through the options.
ALT + underlined letter perform the corresponding command or select the corresponding option.
Enter execute the command for the active option or button.
Space bar if the active option is a check box, select or clear the check box.
Arrow keys when the active option is a group of option buttons, select a button.
F1 display help.
F4 to display the current items in the list.
BackSpace in the "Save as" or "open" dialog box, select a folder, then open the folder one level up.

Natural keyboard shortcuts
"Microsoft Natural Keyboard" or contains the Windows logo key () and the "application" button () to other compatible keyboard, you can use the following shortcuts.
+ BREAK display the "System Properties" dialog box.
+ D show desktop.
+ M minimize all Windows.
+ Shift + m to restore a minimized window.
+ E to open "my computer".
+ F to search for files or folders.
CTRL + + f-search for computers.
+ F1 to display Windows Help.
+ L if you are connected to a network domain, you lock your computer, or if you are not connected to a network domain, then switch user.
+ R to open the "run" dialog box.
Display the shortcut menu for the selected.
+ U opens "Utility Manager".

Accessibility keyboard shortcuts
The right SHIFT key for eight seconds to switch "FilterKeys" on and off.
Left ALT + left SHIFT + PRINT SCREEN Toggles the "high contrast" on and off.
Left ALT + left SHIFT + NUM LOCK SONY VAIO VGNZ890FKB Laptop Battery Toggles the "mouse keys" on and off.
Shift key five times to switch the "sticky keys" on and off.
Num Lock key for five seconds to switch the "toggle keys" on and off.
+ U opens "Utility Manager".
Date Submitted Mon. Mar. 3rd, 2014 3:57 AM
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Helper alice
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We all know that notebooks use a long pile large amounts of dust. This is not a good thing, because they attached to the cooling fan, heat sink, and dust on the motherboard can severely effect the laptop cooling – especially in the hot DELL Inspiron Mini 1012 N450 Laptop Battery summer. So this time we're going to dust away, here to talk in terms of how to clean up laptop repair personnel, as well as what tools need to be used to.

Obviously, notebook, first we have to be apart, if not very familiar with it is not to find out. Which a effect that you may hurt your love oh ~ so it's best to send professional maintenance staff clean.

This article primarily describes is what tools need to be used to clean laptop dust as well as issues requiring attention.

First of all prepare small tweezers, cotton balls, detergent (commonly known as water). With these three DELL Inspiron mini 9 Laptop Battery tools would have been enough, if you can't find the professional cleaning tools can be used do you think feasible alternatives to try.

Cleaning process is actually very simple, using forceps and clamp a small cotton ball coated microplate laptop motherboard after water and gently wipe back and forth where there is dust on the fan clean. Be noted that don't rub too hard. Lots of small elements, but is likely to get hurt again! Yes, in most cases, you are unable to see the wash water is corrosive cleaning products of this industry. You can use alcohol (medical industry can be) cleaners or whatever you think feasible. Notebook clean up dust. Typically these dust under your laptop use environments are different and have different characteristics, and some very fine dust may be thick or greasy. Appropriate increase or decrease in frequency rather than intensity is required to handle dust. Laptop cooling copper sheet is needed "special care" guy, be sure to clean up and clean to keep fulfilling their cooling effect.

If you use the washer water cleaner, you will find will also be volatile off soon, alcohol, too. Just wait DELL INSPIRON 600M Laptop Battery until cleaning solvents completely evaporate before you can power up the computer.
Date Submitted Wed. Jul. 27th, 2011 5:12 AM
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Cheap Asus Eee PC Battery from our online ASUS laptop battery shop
UK £ 26.70
Category: Laptop Batteries
Type: Li-ion, rechargeable
Condition: Brand New
Volt: 7.4 V
Capacity: 4400 mAh
Net Weight: 352g
Color: White
Guarantee: 1 year warranty, 30 day money back
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Date Submitted Wed. Jul. 27th, 2011 5:18 AM
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Sony VGP-BPS2 laptop battery from our Sony laptop battery shop
US $ 42.87
206.55 x 70.70 x 19.60 mm
474.00 g
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This VGP-BPS2 battery replacement for:
Date Submitted Thu. Jul. 28th, 2011 11:37 PM
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Cheap Universal Laptop Car Charger from our notebook battery shop
You pay: $ 13.82
Products Type: Laptop car charger
Input volts: 12V
Output volts: DC 15V/16V/19V/21V
Power Max: 70W
Date Submitted Wed. Aug. 3rd, 2011 5:17 AM
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Cheapest HP Pavilion dv6000 battery online from our online notebook battery shop for USA
US $ 46.99
Li-ion, 4400mAh, 10.8V, Black, 400g, 207*51.3*21.4mm.
US $ 50.66
Li-ion, 8800mAh, 10.8V, Black, 0.61kg, 206.90*58.52*42.18mm.
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