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With the increasing popularity of LCD monitors, has been its lightweight, compact design, perfect character, amazed by the graphics capabilities, plus the prices plummet, SONY VGN-FZ62B Laptop Battery it has become a traditional CRT monitor "protest of the Chamber" of the situation. But when in the selection of LCD monitors, people often don't know where to start. Actually now buy LCD monitor we used to think about, it's the LCD Panel is qualified, would there be bad! (This problem is also present in the laptop's display, especially when in the purchase of second-hand products, the bad point is a very important factors!

LCD flat panel monitor pixel is divided into two kinds, one is always on point (which we'll call "highlights"), another with its opposite is always the brightest points (what we call "dark"). Whether it is "dark" or "highlights" will affect normal browsing on the LCD display, and the "bad point" (taken collectively) are not repaired, if you will "with life", because of the General provisions is therefore that must not appear in the display 3. 3 the following is acceptable, but users purchased a product experience this problem certainly does not want, we will introduce how to check pixel method at the time of purchase.

First of all into MS-DOS mode, full-screen is black, highlights are present on the LCD screen, you can "at a glance". No MS-DOS way also doesn't matter, you can in Windows desktop Shang click mouse right key, in appeared of dialogue box Shang select "property", immediately will appeared "displayed property" of dialogue box, click "appearance", in subsequently appeared of dialogue box Shang put color selected for "white" or is "black", "determines" yihou desktop on will displayed help white or full black, such you on can check LCD display Shang whether exists "highlights", and "dark points" has.

This inspection method is very simple, but buy LCD monitors, laptop computers are very useful,SONY VGN-FZ91S Laptop Battery I hope you try it when buying such products this way, wish everybody to buy into a product without a bad point.