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All FUJITSU LIFEBOOK T4010 SERIES battery are supplied by the manufacturer that has been focus on the production of notebook batteries for more than 10 years. Standard OEM Quality System and CE, ROHS, ISO 9001/9002 Certificates executive standard. Laptopbatteriesshop.co.uk are proud to guarantee every purchaser and wholesaler 4~5 hours standby time and 300-500 full charge/discharge FUJITSU LIFEBOOK T4010 SERIES battery. If you can't find the your battery please contact us, our customer service will help you. We hope we can power up your system for business and vacations. FUJITSU Lifebook t4010 battery. Laptop FUJITSU LIFEBOOK T4010 battery (4400mAh,11.1V) power for FUJITSU LIFEBOOK T4010 SERIES, LIFEBOOK T4010D SERIES, Lifebook T4020 Series, LifeBook T4020 Tablet PC, LifeBook T4020D Tablet PC, etc.