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Once again, the Women¡¯s Mafia is hosting an un-missable New York Fashion Week event, including our signature Fashion Show & Fashion Week Kick-Off Event. This September the mafia style women Fashion Show will feature the winners of our ¡°Are You Runway Ready¡± contest, in an exclusive show at Tela Design Studio on September 9th, 2010.
Established and up-and-coming Women¡¯s Wear designers are invited to submit an application and low-res images of Spring/Summer 2011 looks through the link below. Only a few select designers will be chosen to win coveted spots in a Women¡¯s Mafia Fashion Show and a PR and Branding package worth over $10,000. Runners-up will win a profile on tinydeal.com/de/. Submit by August 13th to tinydeal.com.
In order to be considered, please include all of the following information in your email:
Name of the Line
Name of Designer
Why should you be chosen as a featured designer for the Women¡¯s Mafia Fall/Winter 2010 Fashion Show? (150 words or less)
Are you participating in any other NY Fashion Week events?
How many collections have you produced?
5-10 images of your designs for 2011
Will you have at least 12-15 new looks ready to choose from by August 25th?
Contact information (Email, Cell, Website)
We¡¯ll see you on the runway!
Enjoy some images from recent groshandel women Fashion Shows and Last Years ¡°Are You Runway Ready?¡± Winners:
NBC Feature on Last Fashion Week¡¯s Show
Pics from our summer Fashion Show with Engie Hassan
Q&A with winner Shauntele
Q&A with winner Ardistia
The Women¡¯s Mafia Fashion Show at Bryant Park
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When was the last time you woke up in the morning and decided to have a day that would make your pleasure important? Does even the thought make you laugh out loud?!!
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