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Date Submitted Fri. Jan. 10th, 2014 8:48 AM
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Disc slipping when it put CD into the CD drive, you can hear the laser head moving and searching voice, and then hear a rubbing sound and longer final drive lights light,never dies. for two reasons for causing this situation ,first, after long-term use, due to the pressure plate of the drive mechanism does not generate enough clamping force, caused by disc rotates to slip. Second is to use pirated inferior discs, since these disc manufacturing, cut corners and make slightly thin discs of the thickness of the disc than the real thing, and friction drives the pressure plate mechanism is not enough.

Current optical drive pressure plate structure there are two main types of structure is a spring-loaded pressure plate. When the CD into the optical drive tray, umbrella-type the data sets are on the wheel, and then pressed plastic discs on the disc pressure plate on the top disc, pressure plate behind a small spring stretch, its clamping disc, then turn wheel drives the disc steady. Optical drive tray out at once, for lift shafts where the pressure plate with the spring, spring is in compression, easily lead to weakened or bending spring, causing pressure clamping disc disk does not have enough power, cause the disc started to slip after long-term use. Another is magnetic-pressure plate structure. When the CD into the optical drive tray, sleeve on umbrella-shaped wheel in data, and then plastic disc pressure plate on the top plate pressed disc, there's a small plastic plate magnets, and powered electromagnet so attractive to the umbrella-type wheel, platters to intensify, then bevel wheel driving stable disc rotation. Optical drive tray when exiting, due to a power failure on umbrella-shaped wheel magnet magnetic disappears, where the pressure plate with plastic plates for the shaft lift, stopped by the upper support frame and not fall. Due to long-term use, it is above the pressure plate and bracket spacing is too small, plastic disc with a CD at the same time rotate, friction when rotated at high speed, began to slip.

For the first case, the observed pressure plate Springs open the CD drive there is no bow. If there are bent, long nose pliers available Spring, flexible part pulled up, so that when the pressure plate lift, bending spring automatically straightened. If spring can also be removed, hand-drawn, can be resolved. Note You should never pull off spring. For the SONY Vaio VPC-M121AX Laptop Battery second scenario, after you open the optical drive, it can be found in the CD tray horizontally with pressure plate and a supporting frame, pressure plate, there is a plastic disc, is it running Live CD, appropriate downward pressure will be mounting pressure, increasing the space between bracket and pressure plate bearing surface, can be resolved.

Final reminder we need to pay attention to is best not to use some poor quality pirated optical discs, because using inferior pirated optical discs is also a main reason resulted directly from the disc slip.

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