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Date Submitted Fri. Oct. 19th, 2012 2:41 AM
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Helper electronicpartsbattery
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Article about checking your laptop battery life by electronic-parts.

1.Look in your computer's system tray, which is in the far bottom right-hand corner of your screen, where the clock is. You should see a battery icon. If it doesn't show up automatically, click the arrows on the left-hand side of the system tray, which will expand the tray and show all icons.
2.A battery with 8 percent of its life remaining--low enough that there's a red "X" through the icon Place your mouse over the battery icon, but don't click. The icon itself will show roughly how much life is in the battery (half full, three-quarters full), but hovering your mouse over it will pop up a label showing exactly how much life remains in your battery.
3.The Power Meter tab in Power Options Go to the Control Panel if there is no icon in the system tray, or you want more detailed information on the battery. Click "Power Options" and then the "Power Meter" tab........

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