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Fiber cross connect patch panel, also known as the fiber distribution panel, to terminate the fiber optic cable and provide access to the cable¡¯s individual fibers for cross connection, commonly used for fiber optic management unit. It helps network technicians in minimizing the clutter of wires when setting up fiber optic cables, organize and distribute the optical cables and the branches. They are used to secure the splice units, and connectors.

Benifit From Fiber Patch Panels
The fiber optic patch panels can accommodate connector panels, connectors, fiber optic patch cords, associated trunk cables, and usually come with cable management. With the use of fiber optic patch cables, network technicians can easily connect cable fibers via cross connection, test the patch panel, and connect it to lightwave equipment. These patch panels are also used as a link demarcation point and in labeling the cable¡¯s individual fibers.

Fiber patch panels provide a convenient way to rearrange fiber cable connections and circuits. A simple patch panel is a metal frame containing bushings in which fiber optic cable connectors plug in on either side. One side of the panel is usually fixed, meaning that the fiber cables are not intended to be disconnected. On the other side of the panel, fiber cables can be connected and disconnected to arrange the circuits as required.

A fiber optic patch panel is a built-in unit for fiber optics management. It has an appearance of a box enclosure. However, it does more than just serve as protection to several sets of fibers being used for communications. It can also serve as a mechanism in which you can handle the fibers easily and conveniently to serve your purpose. It is here that you can route fiber optic cables, add connections, or put a stop to its functions just as the ordinary junction box does to your electrical wires. With telephone companies, cable TV and Internet service providers now using fiber optics to deliver services to your home, you may find it necessary to install one of this in your home.

Componets Of Fiber Patch Panel
A fiber patch panel usually is composed of two parts, the compartment that contains fiber adapters (bulkhead receptacles), and the compartment that contains fiber optic splice trays and excess fiber cables. If the entire installation, including the fiber optic hubs, repeaters, or network adapters, uses the same type of fiber optic connectors, then the array can be made of compatible adapters or jacks.

The adaptors on a fiber-optic patch panel can come in a variety of different shapes. In most panels, all of the adapters are of the same type, but if there is more than one type of fiber optic connector used within the network, it may be necessary to get a panel with hybrid adapters. These types of adapters can be used to connect different types of connectors on fiber-optic cables.

Typical Types
There are two types of panels you can have. You can have either a wall-mounted one or a rack panel.

A wall-mounted device, which, in its most basic form, can keep 12 different fibers separate from one another. If the fiber-optic cable has more than 12 fibers, the extra fibers can be moved to a second panel or an engineer can use a panel that is designed to hold more fibers separately. Wall-mounted panels can be constructed to hold up to 144 fibers at once. Wall mount fiber patch panels are space saving and light in weight, while they are strong structure and robust, waterproof. The fiber optic cables lines are designed to be easy to find and organize, optical fiber bend radius is ensured to safe level not to affect its performance.

Rack mount fiber optic patch panels are made of high quality materials, it is sliding types like a drawer. Sliding the panel open gives an optical engineer easy access to the fibers inside.Inside the rack mount fiber patch panel there is trays and splice sleeves, accessories, optional pigtails with different types, common style is SC/FC/ST/LC, E2000 types can be custom made based on quantity.

Both of rack mount and wall mount fiber optic patch panels can be custom made with different kinds of adapters and Fiber Pigtails pre-installed from FiberStore. If you do not have enough space in your place and if you do not have too many fiber optic cables around, you can have your panel mounted on a wall. Otherwise, you will need a rack on which you can place your cable panel.
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Inside the optical fiber field, optical passive components is an important part from the fiber optic communication device. This is a type of optical components, the process principle to adhere to the basic laws of optics and light theory and electromagnetic theory, the technical indicators, formula and a variety of testing methods, and it is closely linked to the fiber optics, integrated optics; electric passive components are essentially different. Fiber optic cable, which serve as a link, distribution, isolation, filtering the role. Actually there are a selection of optical passive devices used: optical splitter, optical attenuator, optical isolators, connectors(fiber optic SC to ST connectors), jumpers, optical switches.In Fiberstore,you should buy fiber optic products on our store with your confidence. All of fiber optics supplies with high quality but low cost.Today,I dedicated to two popular optical passive devices,connectors and optical attenuators.

Optical connectors:

An optical fiber connector terminates no more an optical fiber, and enables quicker connection and disconnection than splicing. The connectors mechanically couple and align the cores of fibers so light can pass. Better connectors lose almost no light due to reflection or misalignment from the fibers.

LC optical connector do you know? Allow us to to learn more info about connector to enable you to understanding them.LC fiber optic connector is a small form factor connector that uses a 1.25 mm ferrule, half how big the SC fiber optic connector. This can raise the density of fiber optic connector in fiber optic patch panels. Otherwise, it is a standard ceramic ferrule connector, easily terminated with any adhesive. Good performance, highly favored for singlemode. Optical fiber connectors are employed in telephone company central offices, at installations on customer premises, as well as in outside plant applications for connecting equipment and cables, in order to cross-connect cables.

Most optical fiber connectors are spring-loaded, therefore the fiber faces are pressed together if the connectors are mated. The resulting glass-to-glass or plastic-to-plastic contact eliminates signal losses that could be brought on by a cloak gap involving the joined fibers.

Every fiber connection has two values:

Attenuation or insertion loss
Reflection or return loss

Optical attenuators:

An optical attenuator is a device accustomed to decrease the electricity of the optical signal, in a choice of free space or even in an optical fiber. The essential types of optical attenuators are fixed, step-wise variable, and continuously variable.

Variable Optical Attenuator (VOA) is a vital passive devices, in optical fiber communications to accomplish real-time charge of the signal, by attenuation from the transmitted optical power and optical wavelength division multiplexing device (WDM), spectroscopic detector (TAP the PD), erbium-doped fiber amplifier (EDFA), optical devices constitute ROADM VMUX, gain-flattened EDFA modules, could also be used directly inside the optical receiver overload protection.Furthermore, the measurement of the power meter instrumentation, calibration, but additionally need to use to VOA.

Inside the Internet,I saw a report it claims that there are two main types of optical communication component attenuators and these are variable and stuck. Variable Optical Attenuators (manually controlled and electronically controlled VOAs) represented 68 percent of the worldwide consumption (use) value of fiber optic component-type attenuators found in the chosen optical communication applications in 2008; However, in 2013 VOAs are forecasted to improve to 77 percent of the relative business.Therefore i think the variable optical attenuator is much more important.
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check server sessions
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Connect to MySQL db & display result from Table query