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6, due to mercury in batteries are harmful to the environment, in order to protect environment, at the time of purchase should choose trademark superscript " mercury-free ", " 0% " no added mercury mercury ", " the words of the battery.

Matters needing attention in three, the use of batteries

1, electrical appliances and battery contacts should be clean, if necessary, use a damp cloth wipe clean, to be dried according to polarity marking loaded correctly. Install the battery when identify polarity ( " + " and " - " ) installation is very important, should be installed using the recommended battery according to the electrical appliance specification requirements; not according to the requirements of the specification, will cause the equipment failure, damage to electrical equipment and / or battery.

If 3 or more than 3 cells in series, of which only 1 polarity reversed, reverse battery is charging, the internal gas generation, discharge and electrolyte leakage occurs.

2, do not mix old and new batteries, the same type but different electrochemical type or brand of batteries do not mix, otherwise it will make some batteries for a group of cells in the discharge state in use, thus increasing the possibility of leakage.

3, disposable cell regeneration can not be heated or charge, otherwise it may explode.

4, can not be short to battery, so as to avoid battery leakage or can be damaged by heat insulating outer packing.

5, do not remove the battery, do not heat the battery.HP Pavilion DV6700 ac adapter
Dell latitude E5500 ac adapter
Dell latitude E6400 ac adapter
Dell latitude E6500 ac adapter
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