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Date Submitted Sun. Feb. 1st, 2009 10:12 AM
Revision 1
Beginner ckoder
Tags C | File | find | in | Size
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This simple function utility is used to find file size in bytes
Date Submitted Wed. Oct. 29th, 2008 10:51 AM
Revision 1
Helper Celebhir
Tags Directory | find | Folder | PHP | Recursive | search
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This function takes a directory, and a "folder" search parameter.
If it finds the directory (either in single level, or any sub folder) it will return the relative path of that folder. "FALSE" if not found. Skips over files and "." and ".." directories. Recursive by default.
Date Submitted Sat. Mar. 8th, 2008 1:41 PM
Revision 1
Helper chorny
Tags find | Grep | Perl
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P.S. In perl 5.10 can be written as
use 5.010;
Date Submitted Wed. Oct. 11th, 2006 3:08 PM
Revision 1
Helper jeremec
Tags activerecord | find | override | rails | Ruby
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From time to time you may have reasons to override the default find method that ActiveRecord provides. In this example, we'll store a side-copy of the record attributes so that we have some basis for discovering changes to the data.

note: this will not override dynamic finders such as find_by_id
Date Submitted Fri. Jun. 9th, 2006 11:40 AM
Revision 1
Coder mattrmiller
Tags Array | find | PHP | search
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A simple search array example.