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Date Submitted Tue. Nov. 20th, 2012 5:06 AM
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Beginner ddocrec
Tags Data | images | photos | Recovery | software
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Are you looking a way to recover deleted data

The strain really turns up when you are in situation of having lost of your precious data? Here in this article looking for data loss problems and solutions. Advanced data recovery software can help you to get back your all lost files from different data storage media.
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Data can be lost from your computer in any number of ways—you may mistakenly delete a file, or a virus might corrupt data. You can also have a complete hard drive failure. What do you do, if you find out that one day computer hard drive has suddenly gone out of order and you have lost all crucial files? Company provides effective data recovery software to recover your entire lost or deleted data from different types of mass storage devices like hard drives, flash drives, pen drives, SD card, memory sticks, CF cards, flash memory devices and other digital storage devices.
Proficient file recovery program can retrieve your all lost data in different data loss situations including unexpected system shut down, power failure, accidentally formatted hard drives, virus attacks, software crash and other data loss reasons. Data retrieval software is developed with inbuilt deep disk scanning technique to scan your data storage device and save all lost or missing files and folders. Reliable file retrieval program can restore your lost memorable pictures, photos, images, audios/videos, and other important data from hard drives and different removable storage devices. With reliable data restoration software you can also recover all compressed or encrypted files and folders.
Data recovery software successfully recovers all lost or deleted photos, pictures, music files and other data in few easy steps.
Effective file retrieval program provides inbuilt disk scanning mechanism for searching and recovering entire lost files and folders.
Data restoration software supports data recovery from all major brands of hard drives and removable media like Kingston, Western-digital etc.
About Author
Company provides broad and optimized set of data recovery solutions as per requirement of corporations, individuals and organizations by implementing innovative technology and ideas.
Contact Details:
Company Name: Data recovery software
Email: prweb@datadoctor.biz
Website: http://www.datadoctor.biz
Date Submitted Thu. Nov. 29th, 2007 12:46 PM
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Helper HRCerqueira
Tags images | JavaScript | sl
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This is a simple fade in / fade out javascript slideshow, search engine friendly with low resource usage.

More info here.

Date Submitted Tue. Mar. 6th, 2007 2:36 PM
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Beginner wlasson
Tags "image resize" | GD | images | PHP | Resize
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This is a simple function that resizes and image using the GD add on for PHP.
Just a disclaimer: I know its not perfect, but i figured i would post it because the only other one on here is way confusing to some new PHP developers. Hopefully this one will help you learn how to use GD, and then you can write a better one.
Date Submitted Mon. Oct. 23rd, 2006 10:48 PM
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Helper jdenton
Tags GD | gif | images | jpeg | PHP | png | Resize
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The resize_image function allows you to resize a GIF, JPEG or PNG file to any dimension you wish and put an optional black border around the image. Here's an explanation of the arguements:

$image_path: The complete path to the image to be resized

$max_width: Maximum width of the resized image. Leave 0 if you want to specify only the height and have the width auto-scale.

$max_height: Maximum height of the resized image. Leave 0 if you want to specify only the width and have the height auto-scale.

$file_prefix: This will prepend a string onto the resized image filename. If you want to create a thumbnail image and keep the original, set $file_prefix = 'thumb'.

$dir: Allows you to save the resized image to a sub directory under the $image_path directory. If you want to save thumbnail images to images/thumbs, set $dir = 'thumbs'.

$border: boolean, 1 = border, 0 = no border

$mime: Image mime type. (image/jpeg, image/gif, image/png)
Date Submitted Thu. Oct. 5th, 2006 5:53 AM
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Helper Thomas
Tags HTML | IE | images
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If you're an IE user you may have noticed that when you hover on a medium to large sized image, a toolbar appears in the corner of the image. It's basically useless as it accomplishes nothing that can't be done with a right-click.

Luckily, Microsoft has included a way for webmasters to disable this function.