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Asus A32-F3 Battery is a black, lithium ion with varying capacity of 4400/6600mAh.It is very light as it weighs about 305g.It has a dimension of 20.20x54.29x205.4mm. It is made up of high quality ASUS LG Sanyo Samsung cells which keep power for a longer time. It also comes with a one year warranty. It utilizes all proper logic boards, circuit breaking properties as well as thermistors to enhance the safety of the battery while on use. Lastly, it¡¯s very compatible with other ASUS laptops and this brings out its versatility property.

The battery for ASUS A32-F3 is very much compatible with other battery compatible models like ASUS A9 battery, Z53 series, Z9400, A33-F3, ASUS F3F, ASUS F3-APOO7H, ASUS F3JP, ASUS F3Jp, ASUS F3SV-A1, ASUS Z53Tc, ASUS F3-APO41C, ASUS F3 Q, ASUS F3H APOO5C, ASYS X70E, ASUS X70 F, ASUS F3Se, ASUS F2Hf, ASUS F3Jm, and ASUS A9Rp. This compatibility property makes it easy to replace in case it spoils.

It has a work time of three hours and has up to 500 rechargeable cycles over the life of the battery. A32-F3 Battery has a built-in circuit protection which ensures both safety and stability.

How to Take Care of Your Asus A32-F3Battery?

Owning a laptop could be one of the most precious things in the modern world but if you lack knowledge on how you will maintain its battery; your laptop may easily become a form of liability in the house. The following is an outline on tips of maintaining and prolonging life of the battery for Asus A32-F3:

Keep your hard drive in shape: Proper maintenance of your laptop hard drive could save power consumed from the battery and this may prolong your battery¡¯s life. A good working hard drive ensures faster processing and this makes your Asus A32-F3 Battery last for long.

Skip the themes and screen savers: Themes and screen savers only consume power from your Asus battery for A32-F3. Doing without them does not affect your laptop¡¯s normal functions and hence keeping your laptop in a standard normal way could prolong your battery¡¯s life.

Tweak the power options: Some windows like vista and XP have advanced default features but changing the settings plus optimization of the features consumes less power and makes your battery durable.

Avoid unnecessary discharge: Connecting too many external devices like the mouse, externals speakers and CDs drains your battery power at a higher rate. If you can avoid such devices and only use them where necessary, it can prolong your Asus A32-F3 Battery¡¯s life.

Other additional maintenance tips include: avoiding keeping the battery in a discharged condition for a long time, do a fully charging-discharging cycle every 30 days, keep the battery away from metal objects to avoid a short circuit, store the battery in a cool place between -1 to 0 degree celcius to 400 degree celcius to avoid overheating and always ensure that it is stored in a dry ventilated place.

The Asus adapter power for is durable and rarely overheats. Unlike other adapters, it¡¯s not prone to mechanical problems and failures. In order to make it last for long, it should be folded systematically when not in use and stored without being overlaid by heavy objects.

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Bater¨ªas para port¨¢tiles,bater¨ªa para ordenador port¨¢til,adaptador--Compra port¨¢tiles bater¨ªas para port¨¢tiles al mejor precio. Aprovecha nuestras ofertas de port¨¢tiles y ahorra comprando m¨¢s barato
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