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Date Submitted Tue. Sep. 10th, 2013 8:59 AM
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Scripter aupcbattery
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Today, smart phone screens are getting bigger , a few years ago are now mainstream 4-inch screen has been reduced to a small screen phone, the smart phone , no matter how big the screen , there is always enough battery defect , 2 times a day should be charged are commonplace , but we will in the course of daily use can be found in a number of ways to achieve energy saving, Here I will introduce five kinds of smart phones saving Tips .
1 . The screen brightness to the minimum , and turn on automatically adjusts screen brightness function
If you are indoors and other low- light conditions , we do not need the phone screen brightness tone, and this will be very expensive electricity , and some smart phone is also equipped with a light sensor , according to the external light intensity automatically adjusts screen brightness , this function mobile phone users also suggested opening .
(2) Avoid placing the phone in a high temperature environment
Careful friends will find that in the winter when the smartphone battery life more durable , in fact, this association and the outside temperature , low temperature environment is relatively less power consumption , so try not to be placed in the phone for a long time there is sunlight other high-temperature environments .
3 Do not worry about overcharging
We now use smart phone battery is a lithium- ion rechargeable battery basic , but before the birth of the lithium-ion battery is the mainstream of nickel-cadmium rechargeable batteries rechargeable batteries , these two very different batteries , the user is often easy to confuse , nickel cadmium charging the battery from overcharging the battery is harmful, while the lithium -ion battery is not such a problem , in the case of a fully charged lithium-ion battery will automatically enter charging - discharging cycle , in addition, lithium-ion batteries do not need to be like nickel-cadmium batteries , as excessive discharge , can be charged at any time .
4 Close all unused functions
Bluetooth , GPS, LTE, WiFi and other functions, if not in use , it is best to turn it off , turn these features will consume a lot of power for a long time .
5 Manually checking mail
Software installed mobile email users are aware that once connected to the network , the mailbox will automatically check periodically for new messages received , resulting in power loss , so it is best set to manual inspection.
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Date Submitted Sun. Nov. 12th, 2006 6:11 AM
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Scripter shachi
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Just confirms if the user really wants to save the page or just hit the Ctrl+S accidentally. Works in FF maybe in IE too.