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That was still higher than the 8 percent quarterly return on sales achieved by rival Daimler's ( DAIGn.DE ) Mercedes-Benz Cars division. BMW bets electric car offer may fend off Audi Autel MD802 Afflictions and consequences of the 6th house from Aatmakaarak and karakamsa are more serious than the 6th house from the Ascendant. Health experts urge MPs to back car smoking banMyth: Oil additives will make your car bigger, better, faster, stronger Reality: Your oil is already on steroids! It began, if I'm not mistaken, with a product called "Slick 50" back in the 80s. Its ingredients could make your motor run cooler, last longer, resist rust, and achieve better performance and gas mileage - these were among the claims made for Slick 50 and the many copycat products that sprang up and are still around today. steering angle sensor calibration French auto parts maker Plastic Omnium does not plan to be a consolidator itself, but chief executive Laurent Burelle told the summit he saw consolidation taking place next year. CHICAGO - February 8, 2007 - Consumer Guide Automotive, the definitive source for new and used car reviews, announced today that the 2008 Pontiac G8 and the 2008 Toyota Highlander are the recipients of its second annual Most Significant New Introduction Awards at the 2007 Chicago Auto Show being held at McCormick Place until February 18. Details on the award winners, as well as other auto show highlights, can be found at ConsumerGuideAuto.HowStuffWorks.com. MaxiCheck DPF Reset Michael said police responding to another call saw the vehicle on Davis Street and apprehended the driver. An officer noticed a strong odor of alcohol on his breath, he added. Collier Automotive Museum to open publicly in the spring See all 9 photos at full size A major collection of sports, racing and historic cars will soon be open to the public again. The explosion, which officials said was caused by a remote-controlled car bomb, is likely to further strain already tense relations between Turkey and its war-torn neighbor Syria.
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You can certainly get yourself killed. You can become what I call a `back-seat bullet' if you're not restrained, she said. "You certainly can kill another person in the car if you are in an accident. It would have made a lot of sense to require everybody in a car to buckle up." Removing the 6.1-per-cent tariff on automobile imports could see Canada swamped with Korean-made brands such as Hyundai and Kia, which could hurt domestic sales for Ford, GM and Chrysler.Ford Motor Company of Canada has warned a deal could damage the auto sector, a critical industry to the national economy. Michigan was found to be the next-costliest state for car insurance, with average premiums at $2,250 that can be largely accredited to state regulations that guarantee unlimited, lifetime personal-injury protection benefits for treatment of injuries that result from an auto accident. Moskowitz claims that Ghalib drove at a high rate of speed and zig-zagged across an alley while he was still on perched on the hood of Ghalib's car. The plaintiff says he held onto the hood but eventually was thrown from the Mercedes, crashing onto the pavement and "sustaining myriad physical injuries." The ELF, or "Organic Transit Vehicle," can go for 1,800 miles on the energy equivalent of a gallon of gasoline. It does not require the insurance, repair and car maintenance costs of the average vehicle. Besides the cost of the occasional new tire, the ELF runs completely off what it costs to charge its battery. Third blast to hit the area in a week; car bomb parked in market area For the third time in a week, Peshawar was brought to its knees, this time by a powerful 220-kg bomb in a car parked near a police station in the historic Qissa Khwani bazar, which killed 44 persons and injured over 90 on Sunday.
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Technology of terabit optic circuit packet integrated switching system
New exchange system and integrated optic circuit packet layers will be provided to meet the large capacity, high quality, low cost and effective demand so as to adapt to the cable wireless traffic spikes in the service in the future.
A connection-oriented packet transport technology is considered to be an effective way to improve the performance of packet data transmission. It is necessary, can put a layer of transport network in the direction of capital spending and minimizing operating costs to overcome the network provider's storage and traffic increase of income. And unified control mechanism is applied to the network resource allocation, flexible wavelength circuit and packet layer according to the service characteristics. The key technologies of the system are as followings.
• Technology of Terabit Optic-Circuit-Packet Integrated Switching System
* Connection-oriented Packet Transport
* Optic-Circuit-Packet Integrated Switch
* Optic-Circuit-Packet Layer Integrated Control/Management
• Technology of beyond-100G Optical Transmission
* Long-reach OTN Transceiver

* Short-reach Ethernet Transceiver

Technology of terabit optic circuit packet integrated switching system
Smart IDC Network Control Technology for Cloud Service
Along with the rapid spreads and changes of cloud services and the technologic growth of the components in the IDC, the IDC networks are demanding following changes.
Cloud optimized: The virtualization rate of the server is rising up to 10:1-100:1 and storage virtualization is also possible recently. So IDC is requiring the cloud-optimized virtualization to the network side which are connecting the virtualized cloud resources.
Flattened: There are network control needs to reduce the delay latency of virtualized server-to-server communications which is occuping up to 70%, to rise the utilization rate the link resources of L2 IDC networks of Tree-shape multi-layer hierarchical architecture with STP.
Auto-Managed: There are demands of integrated management of network and cloud resources between IDC and create/delete/VM migration to ensure seamless services in the cloud.

Therefore, our research target to develop the Smart IDC fiber optic communication to solve the current problems of IDC network with the 3 IDC network control technologies of the Cloud-Optimized Virtual Network Control technology, the Flattened IDC Network Control Technology and Auto-managed IDC network control technology.

High speed optical transmission technology
The rapid progress in optical transmission technology has been supporting the ever increasing transmission traffic. In particular, the WDM technology, it is by the end of last century, played a main role. However, the new technology needs to use data traffic exponentially. A solution is 100Gb/s transmission. IEEE announced 40G/100G Ethernet standard and ITU-T has completed ONT standard to accommodate 100G signals in DWDM backbone network. Recently, the 100Gb/s transmission technology has become the commercial deployment, in addition to the existing 10Gb/s and 40Gb/s. Already technologies beyond 100G or 400G are started being discussed. With a long-term perspective, it is a disruptive

technology, SDM (space division multiplexing) technology is seriously explored to harness the traffic in economic and energy efficient way.

Next Generation WDM-PON Technology
The WDM-PON is promising technology to provide broadband access offering optic-wireless converged next generation multi-application service with the highest quality.
There are many advantages of the WDM-PON:
* Using multiple wavelength on a single fiber, each of which carries a transmission bandwidth up to 10Gb/s at maximum; Therefore, the WDM-PON can reduce the optical access infrastructure;
* Suitable for long-reach application and possible to achieve OPEX reduction;
* Provide co-existence with legacy TDM-PON (EPON system, and GPON) systems and pay as you grow upgradability;
* Unique advantages of so-called protocol transparency, which means that it requires no specific transmission protocol, and the physical layer security, in addition to scalability in the increase of the bandwidth and guarantee of the quality of service based on bandwidth abundance.
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access the system time on a remote computer using VB.Net
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Access System Time Remotely using Iron Python. See
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This python class converts a permission mask in symbolic format (the kind a diretcory listing produces, ex.: drwxr-xr-x) to a string that's usable in a chmod command.

ex.: chmod u=rwx,g=rwx,o=rwtx ~/myscripts/convert_mask.py

This can be very useful when recovering permissions from a backup.
Date Submitted Tue. Mar. 21st, 2006 11:58 AM
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Copies files from nested folders into one source, flat directory.