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Do you want to prolong the life of your HP Pavilion DV6 battery replacement? This article highlights three tips that can help you enhance the life of your HP Pavilion battery.

Tip 1: Save Battery Energy

To keep your HP Pavilion DV6 battery replacement working well for a long time, try to save as much power as possible. You can do this in four ways. First, make sure that you update the operating system and all software that you have installed in your computer. This is because as technology advances, programmers optimize old software to create efficient ones that do not hog system resources. This eases the strain on your battery.

Secondly, optimize the power settings on your laptop, to have your Pavilion DV6 battery running on low power. For instance, you should reduce the brightness and contrast of your laptop's screen to an optimal level. Having a very bright screen will not only affect your eyes, but will consume a lot of power. This stresses your battery, increases the number of charge/ discharge cycles, and deteriorates its performance over time. You must also send your computer to sleep, or hibernate it altogether, when you are using it. This saves a lot of battery power that you can put to good use.

To save energy, and enhance the life of your laptop battery as well as an HP Pavilion DV6 adapter, it is a good idea to add more Random Access Memory (RAM) on your computer. As a result, instead of your operating system depending on the swap file (virtual memory) on your hard disk, it will run many processes on the RAM, and save battery power. Finally, maintain your battery often to keep it working in top condition. Dust the battery's case using a fluff free material and then clean its contacts using rubbing alcohol. Take care not to drop it or short it manually when you are cleaning.

Tip 2: Avoid Overheating

Although the Li-Ion HP DV6 laptop battery has a longer life and better weight to power ratio than traditional Nickel Cadmium (Ni-CA) and Nickel Metal Hydride (NI-MH) batteries, it is very sensitive to heat. Exposing or storing your HP laptop battery at temperatures over 23 degrees centigrade can degrade its power cells and lower is life as a result. Moreover, because these batteries contain a highly flammable solvent, used to dissolve Lithium salt, exposing them to high temperatures can short-circuit, degrade, or damage your laptop's battery altogether.

To avoid overheating, do not use your HP DV6 laptop battery on the sofa or bed. Soft surfaces lower circulation of air, trap heat, and elevate the temperature of your HP laptop battery. Better still, buy a good laptop-cooling fan, and use it whenever your computer heats up. This lowers power consumption and increases the life of your battery, significantly.

Tip 3: Charge/Discharge Cycles

HP replacement batteries lack charge memory. However, that does not mean that charging them irregularly will not affect their performance and lifespan. To maximize the life of your HP battery online charge it to full capacity before using it. You should also drain it to around 15% capacity before you start another charging cycle. After five or so months, refurbish your HP Pavilion DV6 battery replacement by draining it completely (to 0%), before charging it to full capacity. This will recalibrate its circuitry and restore its operating capacity to the maximum.

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