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Date Submitted Wed. Dec. 26th, 2012 9:31 AM
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Beginner batteryretail
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Win8 consumer preview version is installed, many of my friends encountered a problem that can not be networked, this problem largely because the NIC driver, the following provides a simple way to solve this problem. The first is to get their own network card driver, the second is to uninstall the Win8 automatically install the driver and reinstall download a good driver. Get your own computer network card driver two ways: in the on Win8 control panel - hardware and sound - device manager - network adapter following items (some on the PC will be more than one point of pure letters own card) and right click - properties to see or find the information network card driver, and then go online Soso download
Another method is relatively simple, and then under the dual system in Win7 driver genius or driven life to download the corresponding network card drivers, and stored in a sony vaio vgn-fe790g keyboard computer file folder, one will be used. The second is to uninstall the network card driver, reinstall download a good driver to continue back to the device manager - network adapters below just a right - uninstall and determined to remove the device driver tick.

- Right - scan hardware changes and other devices - Ethernet controller - Right - update driver software - choose to download a good driver, try updating the network adapter. Very troublesome, the principle is to uninstall the original installation of the drive, then install own manually download the latest own PC LAN Driver, I hope to help you solve the problem
Date Submitted Thu. Sep. 6th, 2007 10:05 PM
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Window resize in javascript